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I am still saddened that I did not get to try the game, hopefully someday when I can find it in stores! Loved your pitch and if you ever need any support do not hesitate to ask - your project is the one I have most faith in actually becoming real! Try to approach other structures like The Good Festival in order to gain attraction and meet players/people in the industry. I was wondering also how long a game would last approximately? Good luck!
<a href="https://fabswingers.online/">https://fabswingers.online/</a>
I really like your effort setting up the survey! Together with the manual, you guys created an awesome product. I consider it highly useful to make different affected communities comparable and therefore be able to make appropriate recommendations.
-Get more teachers and students involved in the SDGs -Bring our thinking in practical platforms to help advance achievement of SDGs -Keep both the pros and cons in mind -Continue to pursue innovative ways to capture attention and evoke compassion in people about important issues -Explore VR more broadly for educational and SDG goals -Don't make fun and learning separate -Undertake a new project -Work for humanity -Explore the new frontiers in VR -Explore how to push emtional experience into action -Explore VR's Theory of Change
Dear Team, After watching your pitches and amazing insights which you have gathered from your project is commendable. I am excited about the 2 case studies and particularly the Lake Geneva excavation site. I would love to know what is the further response which you get from the authorities and what is happening there. Nevertheless putting forward this much information also requires lots of effort and I want to congratulate again for that. I loved your layer-wise analysis of Vietnam case study and it's so exciting to see so much information in just one map. I hope you guys all the success. Cheers!
from SANDX
Hi guys, I've been working on a project related to compliance with smoke free laws last summer. It's name is a CleanAir Greece and it was part of the GTI Summer school that took place in Geneva. You can find it on SDG in progress. Just go and check it, maybe you'll find some interesting things (in particular about the prototype).
Hi guys, it was such a good testing session and at the end such a good presentation in front of the experts. Your game is really representing the global sand issue, including perfectly the alternatives, the environmental consequences, the different actors, the different levels from local to international, the money flow, ect. I could not see how did you change the game after the testing and feedbacks: it is true that the lack of importance of the alternatives in the game was before quite harmful to the morality of your game, which is creating a paradigm shift if I understood right. The other important point was also for me the refugees "consequence", because during the testing you presented the refugees like a "disadvantage" as for the rest of the game, which was maybe not the best way of representing or formulating it. In my opinion, maybe it would be interesting to change this refugee thing because it could be a down for your amazing game: firstly because we're talking about internally displaced persons, and secondly because refugees=disadvantage is I'm sure not how you want to express it, where as juste housings distroyed and people having to move can be considered as a disadvantage. This is the only point that should maybe be revised for me in this amazing project of the Sand Merchant, because as I said before everything else is perfectly done: the negociations between the architects/private actors and municipalities being really representative of what we could understand of the reality when we did research for our own project in Switzerland. Really congratulations, even the graphics were perfect (just a little bit sad I didn't got my token or chip). Maybe an improvement for the future of the game could be to make it playable without a game master! You could had a little timer in it and make each team game masters for one round so it's equitable? Just because I would then definitely buy it ;) Anyway, congratulations to you and I really hope this project will keep going because it was a great - actually really beyong great - one! Alice
3D printers, laser cutting machines, every kind of tools (for cutting wood/metal/etc.) welding machine, etc. In fact, everything you could need to create a prototype (the goal here is to collect evrything you need to mount a makerspace)
This document really gives a nice overview of your work and its relations to the sand crisis.
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Who we are

This platform is for anyone who wants to document projects they are doing towards tackling the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or who wants to get inspired by other people’s projects, re-use them or re-purpose them.The platform is based on Build in Progress, which was developed for documenting maker projects by Tiffany Tseng of MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten, as part of her Ph.D. thesis. It has been re-purposed by Oday Darwich of University of Geneva’s Citizen Cyberlab, as part of the Geneva Tsinghua Initiative (GTI) for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The process

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There are many ways to document projects: wikis, Github etc. The point of SDG in Progress is to build up an open repository of SDG projects, which may involve hardware and software development, or focus more on grassroots or policy initiatives.

Why us

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The point of SDG in Progress is to build up an open repository of SDG projects, which may involve hardware and software development, or focus more on grassroots or policy initiatives.
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The idea is to inspire creativity, while minimizing redundancy. Reinventing the wheel is not a problem, as long as you can improve it each time.
There are many ways to document projects: wikis, Github etc.