Project Yes Helmet

Increase the usage of bicycle helmet for bike sharing services.

We aim to increase the use of bicycle helmet among bicyclists and therefore reduce the mortality rate due to bike accidents.

Team Members: Yee Chern, Mary Nyanduko, and Peter Kipkoech; Our team members come from Southeast Asia and Africa, two are based in Geneva, Switzerland, collaborating with innovation labs in Europe and East Asia.

Description: Team Yes Helmet is part of the 2018 GTI SDG Summer School. We are dedicated to work on SDG Goal 3.6, by 2020, halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents. We are focusing on encouraging helmet-wearing to increase the safety for bicyclists around the globe, to raise awareness, bring behavioral change, and create social change through mobile-based solutions and social media campaigns.

Problem Statement: High mortality rate due to bike accidents; Non-compliance to set helmet laws or lack of laws altogether; People are not self- motivated to wear helmets.

Solutions: Independent mobile-application, gamification of image processing feature using machine learning/AI, potential to work with business to incentivize helmet wearing. 

Software Development: Machine-learning helmet-detecting mobile application, gamification and incentivization through reward system. 

Behavioural Change: Market research, data collection, and social media campaigns in partnership with International Organizations, Private Sector and NGOs.

Resources/ Advice Needed:

  • Advice from game design experts and behavioral change expert.
  • Access to bicyclists communities in different cities
  • Access to bicycle-sharing companies in different cities.

Github Page: https://yychern.github.io/yes-helmet/

One-Pager attached below


Wednesday, July 4 2018
Wednesday, July 11 2018

Team member: Yee Chern

Open Seventeen Final Week Pitch available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JpOo6LDs5w168mYKMi0oEjWaDQeJNzGT 

Wednesday, July 11 2018

Pilot/ Prototype for the 2 proposed activities in the Theory of Change.

Activities 1: Image processing procedure to identify helmet wearing individual

- prototype: Machine learning enabled app for image classification


Activities 2: #100 days challenge wearing helmet

- prototype: A social media campaign  and a users perception studies

Wednesday, July 11 2018
Wednesday, July 11 2018

New member Maryanne joined the team.

Created a logo using Inkscape for the project, see attached.

Created Github and SDG progress pages.


Attached tentative timeline and goals for 2nd week.

Presented experiences and learning from UNLEASH 2018.

First pitch with mentors.

Thursday, July 12 2018

Youtube lecture


Recommended websites



Mock App



Thursday, July 12 2018

Updated SDG in Progress.

Created Google drive folder for internal communication.

Selected License for Github.


Creating google form for users survey 

Friday, July 13 2018


1- Finalised survey.

Ready for translation and sharing.

2-Tested a mock app(apk) developed by a friend of the project, Peter Kiptoo-Student and developer from Moi University, Kenya


Detected head gear successfully!

To Improve: Should detect helmets ONLY, not just any head gear

3- Met high school students for 15 minutes


General description and presentation of what our project is all about

Q & A

Q1: Why don't people wear helmets?

One student suggested that they are uncomfortable

Another that laws are not enforced.

Q2: What do you think of our idea on image processing to unlock the bike?

General Feeling-Won't use it if it saves the images after scanning.

If it only scans the 'general' image without having to save, then yes,we will use it

Why? Privacy concerns

Another student, Sophia, suggested that adults may not like taking selfies-"they don't like pictures of themselves?"

Q3: What do you think about the social media campaign to increase awareness on wearing helmets?

One student,Amy, suggested that we 'scare' people to make them wear helmets

Simmah suggested that we link it to an event 

Sophia suggested that we use a charity incentive e.g with every picture posted of you wearing a helmet, 1 Euro will go to..... (something related to road traffic accidents)/a creative idea to fuel the challenge,to draw people to participate

Lastly, took their emails with hope of further engagement especially in carrying out the survey(physically on the streets of Geneva or they would share them to their friends online)



Monday, July 16 2018


  • Required to prepare a one-pager on social media campaign
  • Presented the idea for the weekly progress, received feedback about using the survey results to craft respective messages
Tuesday, July 17 2018

Pipeline 1

reach out to academician

collect and analyse survey feedback

write code on tensorflow

contact potential clients

open pager for outreach

pipeline 2

one pager for social media campaign




Tuesday, July 17 2018

Spoke to mentors Fayez, Emmanuel, as well as Jose, and new member Peter.

- gamification, combining two activities ( 100 days challenge & image processing)

- 10 days instead of 100 days challenge

- NFC lock to modify upon

- more pictures that can use to refine algorithm

- varieties of pictures of face and helmet

- gamification 

- stand alone application

- incentives (business), later stage

Wednesday, July 18 2018

Created Mock App-Wireframing using Balsamiq

Created Short Bio for Team Members

Launched French and English Survey

English: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc6iGyQOC2N1nBzBH7jqtNYP1o1upod4xKFcdTymaZp61bRXA/viewform

French: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKwCI51mvJsUhlmUbpMFe56hWgBFyn-ypz2GkXpMQrpjTgtA/viewform

Updated Github Page


Wednesday, July 25 2018

Dear readers,

We are at the stage of designing the app, and brainstorming a social-media campaign, we need advices from game design expert and behavioral change expert.

We are hoping to get opinion from diverse group of bicyclists, therefore we need to have access to bicyclists community in different cities, access to bicycle-sharing community in different cities. Please share with us your advice on how to reach out!

Thank you!


Team Yes Helmet

Wednesday, July 25 2018

Attached the one pager with description, problem, theory of change, and business model.

Thursday, July 26 2018
Thursday, July 26 2018

This step shows research articles/literature review that informs the problem statement and other relevant material related to the project.

It also contains detailed results of the survey we carried out on bicyclists' perceptions towards use of helmets

Thursday, July 26 2018

This page contains contacts of team members, mentors of the project, collaborators and partners

Thursday, July 26 2018

Group Contact: teamyeshelmet@gmail.com

LinkedIn Profiles:

Mary Nyanduko: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mary-nyanduko-a46a0a124/ 

Mary Nyanduko is a student at GTI SDG Summer School at the University of Geneva, working with Team Yes Helmet. She is an undergraduate engineering student at the Moi University, Kenya, majoring in Electrical and Telecommunications. She is an IBM certified Application Security Engineer and Business Intelligence Analyst. Mary interned as a maintenance engineer with Coca-cola in Kenya. She is the Secretary-General of the Engineering Student Association at Moi University. 

Yee Chernhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/ychern/

Yee Chern is a student at GTI SDG Summer School at the University of Geneva, working with Team Yes Helmet. She is a Master in Public Policy candidate at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. She is familiar with both qualitative and quantitative research skills. Her current research interests concern Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3 Good Health and Well-being, and SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy. 

Peter Kipkoech is an App Developer working with Team Yes Helmet of GTI SDG Summer School. He is an undergraduate student at the School of Engineering of the Moi University, major in Electrical Engineering. He is a recipient of the Google Africa Challenge Android Developer track scholarship. Peter is a passionate web and Android developer with two published applications on the Google Play Store. Currently, he is in a team of developers from ELDOWAS, a county water and sewerage company in developing an android app that will enable consumers to pay their utility bill on the Android platform. He can be reach by onekoetch@gmail.com. 

Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yeshelmet 



Thursday, July 26 2018


Fayez Alrafeea

Emmanuel Kellner

Natalia Wroblewska



Thursday, July 26 2018
Thursday, July 26 2018

Facebook Groups:



Potential Campaign partners


WHO:Road Injury Prevention 

Ms. Laura Sminkey
Communications Officer
Email: sminkeyl@who.int
Tel.: +41 22 791 45 47

Global Road Safety Partnership
PO BOX 303
Route de Pré-Bois, 1
(IKEA building, 2nd floor)
1214 Vernier, Switzerland

Tel:  +41 (0) 22 730 42 22
Fax:  +41 (0) 22 730 42 00


Pamoja Road Safety Initiative

Unit 204 Reliance centre Westlands

PO Box 2071 - 00606, Nairobi.
+254 715 555 055
+254 717 123 409
Email: info@pamojaroadsafety.org

National Transport and Safety Authority
Hill Park Building; Upper Hill
Nairobi Kenya
P.O Box 3602 -00506, Nairobi
Safaricom: 0709 932 000
Telkom:      020 6632 000

 Email: info@ntsa.go.ke

Sunday, July 29 2018

1. Didi Global

Beijing Headquarters

Building B1&B2, Digital Valley, Zhongguancun Software Park 
Compound 8, Dongbeiwang Road, Haidian District Beijing 100000 P.R.China


Business Partnership


2. Ubike



Contact Email 


Phone Number 


3. HelloBike/Acquired by Yuon



Contact Email 


Phone Number 






Contact Email 


Phone Number 


5. Mobike


Sunday, July 29 2018

English Version 1.1


French Version 1.1


Sunday, July 29 2018
Sunday, July 29 2018

1. Reaching out to potential collaborators (local & international).

2. Keep the sampling process rolling. Refine Questionnaire.

3. UI/UX Design

Monday, July 30 2018
Tuesday, July 31 2018

We had a meeting with Christiane Fisher from GeneveRoule and discussed details of what they do as well as our project.

GeneveRoule agreed to post our survey on their social media pages as well as let us have a one-on-one with their users on 8th August at Place De Montbrilliant


17, Place Montbrillant

1201 Genève | Suisse

D. +41 22 734 24 32

T. +41 22 740 14 15

Thursday, August 2 2018

2 Aug 2018

We had a peer review session with team iDoctor for 15 minutes approx:

Our problem

1a) Survey responses not enough to make conclusive results

1b) How to approach partners/collaborators

Their Suggestion

1a) To collaborate with research centres/NGOs that could be interested in the data and strike a partnership

1b)Have a cpncrete solution and see how it meets their wants

Possible Collaboration with other teams

Team IDoctor to do the Mandarin Version of the survey

Doyoung from team Motosafe to comment on the UX design of the app

Jonathan volunteered to be Geneva liaison after summer school

Thursday, August 2 2018

1. Meeting and talking to Geneva based NGO/ IO

2. Wrapping things up - data analysis on survey

3. Reality check - plans for moving forward

Friday, August 3 2018

Visited Paris CRI, shared the idea with the interested party during CRI event, learned about the projects completed by the CRI teams. Attached the poster used during the CRI event.

Friday, August 3 2018

Who is Pro Velo?

Pro Velo Geneve is a bicyclists lobby group under the larger Pro Velo Suisse. It has an average of 20,000 members and is mainly concerned with pushing the government  to implement legislative and infrastructural changes that concern cycling.

Some of the activities that it facilitates includes offering cycling lessons, tours, platforms to sell and buy bikes etc.

During our conversation with Christine from Pro Velo, she mentioned that there was no desire on Pro Velo's part to enforce helmet use among its users as there are no laws in place.

However they would be willing to publicize our app among their members once it is a mature product i.e on their website etc 


Thursday, August 9 2018
Thursday, August 9 2018

Team Yes Helmet worked with high school students from Tsinghua High School:

Dong Xin, Form 2, Class 9

Shen Yunwu, Form 2, Class 14


They have helped us to refine the survey, created a poster using Canva.com, created a video using Caishi App, uploaded the video to Youku.com.

Link to video that promote awareness:


Wednesday, August 15 2018

We have launched a Chinese version of the survey on Wechat Moment and Groups, with the helps of high school students from THU High School and other schools. 

Link to the survey: https://www.wjx.cn/jq/26984619.aspx 

Attached a report generated using Wenjuanxing (wjx.com) based on the data collected.

As of 20 August 5pm, there are 85 responses recorded in the report and dataset. 

Monday, August 20 2018
Monday, August 20 2018

In order to fit the new setting of implementation in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Juja Campus in Nairobi, Kenya the team discussed and proposed the following:

Revised  Objectives

Set up a conducive infrastructural setup for the long-term overall objective of the project by:

  • Mapping bikes around campus using GPS modules to relay coordinates to a server.

  • Adding feature to app that user scans surrounding area to locate nearest bike.

  • User then unlocks nearest bike upon payment using Mpesa.

Integrate Mpesa API into the application

MPESA is a mobile money platform by Safaricom, leading telco in Kenya.

  • Including this feature in the app would help customers pay straight from their phones rather than in cash as in the current system.

  • Once payment is confirmed, a combination of numbers sent to user’s phone. User enters these numbers into the lock to unlock bike.

Short Term Overall Objective

  • Create a solid user base for the application.

Long Term Overall Objective

  • Once a user base is created, implement helmet detecting feature on large-scale.

  • With partner collaborations, incentivize the app for campus students to earn and redeem points when they take a selfie with helmet (reward system).Run campaigns on road safety, expand to other campuses.

  • Expand all above functionality to motorbikes(boda boda industry)

Thursday, September 20 2018
Wednesday, September 26 2018
Wednesday, September 26 2018