ESME Anti Food Waste

ESME Anti Food Waste

by the3musketeers | updated April 09, 2019

It's an app, to check products use by date.



Wasting of Food



- Food  care about the date of expiration + some help to make food cooking 

- Relation between people

- Recycling part of devices 



- App to not waste food 

- Recipes with things that are going to expire soon 

- Machine in a public place  place you put your waste food and it give you money go to compost

March 19, 2019 at 5:07 AM
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1,3Ga tonnes of food waste in a year for 720Ga €


Actors --> food producer/ retailers/ policy makers / consumers


* Producer: waste food because they don’t have the great size/ juice --> waste the pulp

* Transport: products are deteriorated so you can’t consume them

* Stock: if there is a break in the cold chain all products are wasted

* Factory (if there is transformation of food): during preparation of cook food

* Market: esthetical requirement or expiration date

* Consumers: Surplus of purchases or forgot in the fridge



* Particular : 6.5MT are wasted, whose 20% are still consumable

* Distribution+food industry : 2.3MT are wasted

* Restauration: 1.5MT

* Note: 20% that particular waste still remain consumable



* Food --> care about the date of expiration + some help to make food        --> cooking



* Consumers waste a lot of food

* Industry waste lot of food/ part of product like the pulp of orange

* Waste food involve to waste money

* Not always easy to see the expiration dates on the products

* Surplus of purchases



* App to not waste food

* Recipes with things that are going to expire soon

* Machine in a public place à place you put your waste food and it gives you money --> go to compost

March 19, 2019 at 5:10 AM
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Today we tought about different projects we could do :

Machine in a public place where you can put your food that's going to expire soon and you won't use, the machine gives you a bit of money for that and other persons can buy the food in the machine for a little amount of money

A board game about recycling, each player represents a supermarket. They can buy factories that produce food and they have to manage their production in order to sell their food to the consumers BUT ALSO in order to avoid wasting food. With this game, the players are learning about not buying too much food and to avoid wasting.

A small box that scan the things you buy and the peremption date. So this device would be dedicated to avoid food wasting and will warn you each time you have food that is gonna expire.


We realised that our third idea isn't really functionnal, in fact it would take time to scan each article when you put it in your fridge. Also, an app would perfectly do the job and would be easier to use for consumers. So we decided to focus on the machine and on the board game.

March 26, 2019 at 5:50 AM
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We want our target to be the consumers. So, in order to adapt our game to them, we've got to think about why they waste food.

The principal reasons why people waste food are :

-Buy too much (because of the promotions)

-Forgotten food in the fridge (or not)

-They don't look the expiration date when they buy the food

-They buy too much because they don't know yet what they're going to eat

April 2, 2019 at 3:35 AM
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The rules :

  1. The players pick their identity card with a budget on it
  2. Shopping time : the players have to buy what they think they'll need during the week coming considering who they are
  3. Everyone picks an event card telling them what they'll need to consumme during the day (= the turn)
  4. If they have enough food for their daily consumption that's fine but if they don't they have to buy the food they're missing at the minimarket (more expensive than the supermarket at the beginning of the week)
  5. The steps 3 & 4 are repeating 7 times
  6. After the 7 days/turns, the person that has the less wasted food and the more money left wins

We precise that each time the players buy any food, they have to put it on the fridge that contains conveyor belts. Each conveyor belt has a different speed (representing the speed the food is expiering). At the end of these conveyor belts, the food falls in a trash.

April 9, 2019 at 2:50 AM
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