ESME SDG Léa-Ryan-Joséphine-Jules C

ESME SDG Léa-Ryan-Joséphine-Jules C

by josephine julesc léamessika | updated April 05, 2019

Help the homeless


CRI MISSION 3                    


-Small “shows” for advertisement: homeless, hunger issues, sanitary problems

-Buzzers for speechless people “I don’t understand”... during class

-Homeless women: Menstrual protections, gynecologist,

-app: combine too good to go/ clue

- tracking device

-Blog = fundraising / raise awareness

-Create insta/ fb

-Name: Homeless, jobless, hopeful HJH+

-Notes: drug problem...

-Safety issues

-Station where they can go (replace the tag)

Ethical problem+ safety issues

Replace the “pointing on the app” by centers where homeless can go.

Idea of the app: give everyone an opportunity to help others, without going through the Red Cross or a charity....


March 22, 2019 at 5:28 AM
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Session 2:

Contact NGO’s:

-Sent an e-mail to the “restos du coeur”


    -Safety issues

    -Creating “points de rassemblement”

    -Could we create partnership with restaurant to give away the food

    -DOGGY BAG ??

    -How to get in touch with the people concerned 

    -How to create a safe and non threatening relationship, build trust 

    -Ask about the possible website project: would it really be doable? 


New app:

Linked to “partners” ike restaurants or supermarkets… to give away unused products.


Or Website:

-Create a chat to bond

-Daily missions to help others

-"Game" with daily missions and rewards, build an interactive platform 


Or 2 steps program:

-Advertise about the event

-Event: Give food/ hygiene products/ any useful stuff to homeless= “meeting”

-Have a calendar with advertising campaigns for the meeting/ event


Create fundraisings in order to help NGO's



March 29, 2019 at 5:07 AM
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Project description: 


Many people live in the streets, homeless. Social segregation is being faced every day and is an everyday reality. These people need help. We came up with a few ideas in order to try to improve their situation.

First of all, we want to create an interactive platform online where people can exchange. Indeed, we want to get partnerships with restaurants or NGO’s to give away unconsumed food for example.

We also thought of big meetings in Paris, with an advertisement campaign. These meetings would ensure safe meeting points where we can give away unused products that supermarkets can’t sell anymore.

We are contacting different NGO’ in order to see what is do able safely and ask them questions to get to know the rules and boundaries not to cross.

New ideas: 

Create a suggestion box on the website 

Create a Q ans A's 

Started to look at webmaps 

New issues: 

-Perrumption dates on products 



April 5, 2019 at 4:53 AM
Created by léamessika
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