ESME Learning by video games

ESME Learning by video games

by alaabensmaine clarazahedi jules.simon.99 | updated June 07, 2019

Video games have matured, and so has our society. Graphics have become prettier, stories have become richer, and more involved. We have slowly begun to realize the true potential of virtual worlds for learning and enriching ourselves. With the growth of the video game market, we have also seen the appearance of “Gamification” in many industries; education being on the forefront. We’ve started to realize that, just as people enjoy books and movies and physical media, people enjoy gaming too. And they can use it for more than just exploring fantasy worlds and raiding castles. Video games are the bread and butter of children’s entertainment. It’s a pastime that encourages teamwork, social skills, and depending on the genre, a wealth of knowledge too. We want to Improve Concentration and Focus, teaching How to Learn from Failure, A Lesson in History, Revolutionizing Learning.


We wanted to make a video learning game in VR.

To build our project we decided to use Unreal Engine.

June 7, 2019 at 2:47 AM
Created by clarazahedi
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