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O17 Summer Challenge 2020

Nell: Bachelor in Biomedical, and volunteer in the Red Cross

Mona: Management, physics and chemistry, well-being and resilience

Sofia: Bachelor in Chinese

Friday, July 10 2020

Research by Nell







During and after the Lock-down :















Situation in Africa (No lock-down): https://www.bbc.com/afrique/region-52621424






Watch These videos : 




Tuesday, July 14 2020

The goal should be to create a game, as a pedagogical game. 

The interest of a game is to have fun and allow people to untie their tongue. 

Our idea is to present the potential difficulties and consequences of the pandemic and the lock-down in a form of a challenge that people in teams will have to solve. 

The game will be for companies to sensibilize them about Covid-19’s consequences, to create bonding or to strenghten bonding between employees, to develop collective intelligence and to make them think more about these consequences.

Tuesday, July 14 2020

Name of the Team : MCNHS


Name of the Project : Freetalking


Our goal ? Raise awareness of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.


What ? A game (the form is being thought of) that can be later developed on the web.

Why ? Each of us may be able to engage in the process of creating a sustainable future, for our generation but also for the future. We still have to know what it is. The COVID-19 pandemic is the subject of much discussion and debate. We are even talking about a post-COVID-19 world. In order to be able to imagine it, it may be useful to know the upheavals caused by this pandemic. That is why we want to encourage individuals to identify them in order to support them in a broader reflection on the Sustainable Development Goals.

When ? We expect an operational prototype by the end of July 2020.

Where ? In the professional environment: social responsibility of the company (training and well-being of employees), individuals in search of meaning, opportunity to develop implement the collective intelligence from where could emerge new solutions for the company.

Who ? The personnel of a company. This target is strategic because the collective intelligence will be doubly virtuous. On the one hand, for the individuals themselves as individuals and on the other hand, for the company.

Mentor O17 Summer Challenge : Thomas Maillart ?, avis de John Elbing

Mentor CRI : Jérémy HA

Wednesday, July 15 2020

Our game to sensibilize employees on the consequences of COVID-19, by helps workers and companies who want to maintain a well-being level after lockdown post-COVID-19, by reducing discomfort and increasing welfare in teleworking (increasing this gain).

Unlike other games we want employees to find their own solutions.

Today we have to work on proof, by the way of documentation and Interview

Our goal is to deliver a operational prototype, by the end of July.

Our next steps are to test, and to take all the feedbacks that we can to improve.


Friday, July 17 2020


Unlike this product, we wanted to free the pitch on the teleworking in the context of Covid-19 and/or Post-Covid-19 

Moreover, we wanted to describe the differents ways of communication during the Covid-19 

Monday, July 20 2020


Unlike our games, it's based on the thematic of Covid-19, but we want to specify on the subject on the teleworking 

Monday, July 20 2020

We try to remastered the game of "Loup-garou" 

The first problem is that it is not represent that mecanic of the game. We wanted to illustrate the problems of the teleworking and not only with remediation

Tuesday, July 21 2020

Image by Nell 

Try to  define what we have to do, and distribute the tasks. 

At 6, we have to present what we do and the advanced

Tuesday, July 21 2020

Maybe the "Loup-garou" remastered is to simple 

We need to think about the mecanism  and add some steps. 

DIscussion with our mentor : Jeremy Ha

Tuesday, July 21 2020

Our link to the Worksheet 


We need to do a Synthesis of the result

Wednesday, July 22 2020

This is our link to your worksheet 2


We need to do a Synthesis of the result

Wednesday, July 22 2020

This is our link to our Worksheet 3 : 


This was at the begin of our project so it s evolved

This is our worksheet 4, not draft by the main idea are here !!


Be careful the questionnaire is in french !!

Wednesday, July 22 2020

This is our Theory of Change : We try to complete them. 



Wednesday, July 22 2020

First try of our worksheet 5 


Wednesday, July 22 2020

This is our worksheet for the learn, agile and failure 



Wednesday, July 22 2020

Our presentation of this project, with the team and the Summary Executive Slide



Thursday, July 23 2020

This is our video for the week 3, we try to show you our prgression in our project



Monday, July 27 2020

First pilot with our MVP 

Positives feedbacks and some way of improvement 

We work on it !!!

Monday, July 27 2020
Monday, July 27 2020



Monday, July 27 2020

- Découpe des planches cartonnées

- Gravure des cartes 

- Design de la boite

- Validation du design des cartes par l'équipe

- 2nd pilot session, and brainstorming 

- Reformulation des règles et du livret du Game master

Monday, July 27 2020
Monday, July 27 2020

We bought boards (80x60 cm) of kraft cardboard. We made the first tests to allow us to adjust the laser cutter for engraving and cutting. 

We then had to program and design all the cards in the game and calculate if the cards could fit on a board.

Write by Nell

To protect the engraving on our cards, we decided to varnish them with a translucent satin varnish.

Write by Nell

Friday, July 31 2020
Friday, July 31 2020

It took us more than 3 hours of engraving and 20 minutes of cutting to make a complete set.
We are proud of the programming and the rendering of the after cleaning of the burnt parts.

Write by Nell

Friday, July 31 2020

To quickly and demonstratively explain the rules of the game to make it accessible and understandable for our presentation

With the help of Thomas Dausse, futur student in EMC


Friday, July 31 2020

To make our presentation more dynamic, we decided to integrate video moments with role-playing scenarios.

Write by Nell

It will be disponible at 6:00 pm of 31/07/2020

Our print & play version will be disponible here

Friday, July 31 2020

Allow to have an english and a french version online accessible to everyone

Friday, July 31 2020