Week 1
Problem Definition
Friday pitch
Worksheets 1 Week
Week 2
New Member
Worksheets 2 Week
Friday pitch
Week 3
Worksheets 3 Week
Friday Pitch
Week 4
Mask Prototype
Worksheets 4 Week
Final Pitch of the Project
Team coworkers : Angel NATALIA, Gokul RAJENDRAN, Hugo A MARMOL, Melissa CORVO. Strict biosecurity measures are needed in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19 like keeping physical distancing and using affordable equipments to protect each other and most of all vulnerable people, stop the virus spreading, specially in poor areas.Wearing masks is one of them.

Make the team.

Meet online to discuss about the ideas and mix them to have one project based on two ideas.

Prepare the pitch presentation

Exchange informations about websites found to start to "benchmark".

Next : choose which kind of mask, which materials, and so on.

Sunday, July 12 2020

Which name?

Why this name? « Reusable, to save money, protect the planet, and so on », 

« Connected with the distance sensors to help people maintaining physical distancing in crowded area (museums, concerts, festivals, schools, nightclubs, and so on).

Which material? 
silicone : nice but tech? price? Affordable or not? Transparent or not? : affordable because durable and washable.

sensors: which sensibility? Meters? 1 or 2
Waterproof or removable ? Which size ?

Directions for use : find a little « game » to learn people how to use it.


Other questions:

How do we use the sensor alarm? Sound, light, snooze? both light and snooze because  snooze so that it doesn't disturb people around with the sound, light so that it allow people to see and remind them
Which size of equipment does already exist ? There are makerlab catalogs on the net.
On which part of the mask? we are working on sketches.




Tuesday, July 14 2020

Work in progress

Tuesday, July 14 2020

Thomas Maillard advised us to start to prototype/test this morning. He heard about the HELLO masks and sent us the website link (already seen but not in details) and recommend to look their work as the company is well-known in Geneva.


Tuesday, July 14 2020




Tuesday, July 14 2020

Medical Student(BAMS) in Kerala University of Health Sciences, also learning Chartered Accountancy.


The idea is to add a medical health layer to the mask if possible. And it is the inner most layer which is made of cotton.

Tuesday, July 14 2020

« Test, test, test »

where do we put the sensor? Forehead? Cheek? Chin?

From the discussion with Phoebe: « recyclable, good for the skin »; not too expensive.

Wednesday, July 15 2020



code couleur résistance phrase mnémotechnique


Wednesday, July 15 2020

The mask is made from extracts like neem oil, turmeric, krishna tulsi, ajwain, black pepper, gum Arabic, clove, sandalwood, saffron in the fiber that provides antibacterial & antiviral properties.

These cloth masks are washable, reusable, can be sanitised and ironed.

The masks are priced at Rs 30.


  1. Cost less
  2. Allergy goes away
  3. Feels Cold
  4. Comfortable for skin and Lungs
  5. Washable




Video - https://tv.mathrubhumi.com/en/news/kerala/ayurveda-doctors-make-ayurvedic-face-mask-for-coronavirus-prevention--1.44773

Monday, July 20 2020

Forms URL - https://forms.gle/M8xpFPMEAY4hnDk37

Thursday, July 23 2020
  • What do you want to learn?
  • Identify your stakeholders
  • Prepare the interview questions
  • At least 10 interviews (per person) of the same group of stakeholders.
  • Aggregated insights: validation?

We Have Uploaded it.!!

URL - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hDeU7MbjfA58FW_v2JrKgxkheSkSNIBh/view?usp=sharing

Thursday, July 23 2020
Friday, July 24 2020

Drive URL - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-95cVpNOe6lbVMxxBTe3Fxt8dieme2XK

Saturday, July 25 2020

Due to the Current Situation(COViD) & lack of access to the Fab Lab for more than 1 Member of the Team. 

We are Switching our Product to a new Line.

Tuesday, July 28 2020

In-service training Student and Physics and Chemistry Teacher. University of Paris

Tuesday, July 28 2020

High School Student in Indonesia

Tuesday, July 28 2020

Master in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability, UNIGE

Tuesday, July 28 2020
Tuesday, July 28 2020
Tuesday, July 28 2020

URL - https://www.goodwall.io/ideas/chalenge-1-social-spacers-7357

Tuesday, July 28 2020

URL - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b02Abm2yk4cUiWYKP_rnFO4SONZW9J2iwMEgq4JRrhw/edit?usp=sharing

Tuesday, July 28 2020
Tuesday, July 28 2020

URL - https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1Q0R37Zy_6Z8Ey_qeYEqsAZsGv_2OTpUg

URL - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hDeU7MbjfA58FW_v2JrKgxkheSkSNIBh/view?usp=sharing

Tuesday, July 28 2020

URL - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yS9SdalHd_M7B6hl3RKPd__qwP2hgx3K/view?usp=sharing

Tuesday, July 28 2020


Tuesday, July 28 2020
Wednesday, July 29 2020
Wednesday, July 29 2020
Wednesday, July 29 2020

the LED is red when we are under 1 m of distance.

Wednesday, July 29 2020

We are using Paper to be the first Prototype for the Mask design.....

Friday, July 31 2020

URL - https://www.goodwall.io/ideas/challenge-1-reusable-connected-mask-39bd

Friday, July 31 2020